When You Wish Hard Enough

I’ve been complaining to T and once a while whining to RB on the fact that I wanted a cat very badly and not getting it. I guess God wants me to shut up when He gave me 3 3-weeks old kitties to foster. Don’t get me wrong. Not that I am being ungrateful but it was too sudden to register.

First of all, we had to find a new place right after our return from Switzerland and I had to immediately work on a spa setup, in which I have not the slightest idea about. For some reasons it took me quite a while to settle down. To make it worse, the ‘never gonna stop’ buzzing sound of the water heater almost make me go insane.

Not to mention the project I was thrown at. It was a bit of a challenge but to cut the story short, it went well despite having to drive 700km every week to the location.

So you can see how much of a transition I had to endure.

And then, on the day of my Grandpa’s funeral, God gave me 3 angels to foster. It has been almost a month since the day we got them. It is a bit of a challenge since I am now working, unlike the time when I was still studying and that my weeks were busy. For the first couple of weeks when I was around, I had to bring them to work as they were on 6-times per day feeding period and on days I had to be away, RB would take over.

Pretty much like a full time parents ey? :)

Along the period of taking care of them I realize that our place is definitely not a suitable place for them, therefore I am on a look out for adopters. God knows how I try my best not to get attached to them.

RB caught them on camera in the morning *yawn* (from bottom up: Maya/ Brownie, Tiger & Kittie)

Maya/ Brownie. The gentlest and biggest of all 3. :)

As of now, there are a couple of interested people who would like to adopt one of them. I’d rather wait till they are fit to be neutered.

Wouldn’t want unwanted pregnancies ;)

So, next up will be wishing for a real baby. :)

p/s: I’ve decided to call a halt to the ‘100 Days’ project for it belongs to those who blog frequent enough.


100 Days: Day 32

Contacts Virgin

This entry deserves a web blogging.

For more than 10 years, I have been living with a pair of glasses to allow me to see what’s on the blackboard or cute guys from afar. Even when I attended college, the idea of switching to this non-rimmed lenses still was not that appealing. I saw friends struggling with their first times and I felt that it did not worth my seconds to put them on and not being absent- minded to take them off before dozing. Not to mention the cleansing part. Spectacles are for ‘on-the-go’s (and lazy people) like me.

Oh, what about the fact that it makes you look smart? :p

As I started to activate my social life (read: working), I find that this ‘gadget’ sometimes becomes a hindrance. I am not a serious myopic but it does annoy me each time I forget to bring my pair on important occasions such as hitting the cinema and people watching with RB.

I am not trying to talk bad about my ‘extra eyes’ for it has been servicing me excellently along these years. Not to mention coping with my mistreatments and mishandling.

It is the thought ‘my specs does not go well with dress-up parties’ that makes me rethink about investing my time(and of course ‘money’) on contact lenses.

Actually, I already had this thought even before I got married as I thought that ‘there is NO WAY for me to walk down the isle with it’, so contacts is the best solution. However, I ended up not being able to see the guests from across the hall. It was never in my top priority in my wedding check list anyway.

What makes me change my mind?

The wedding we are attending next month in Italy. I have decided that I am not going to pair it with my best dress.

So today, I finally deflowered myself with a disposable daily contacts. Putting it on is quite a breeze but the work of taking it out is quite a pain. After 4 hours of minor ‘adjusting period’ discomfort, I was back to having blurred vision. :P

Who knows that I may decide to have this permanently. Whether it is going to be daily, bi-weekly or monthly, that will be decided later.

100 Days: Day 31

Mobile Blogging

As pathetic as it sounds, I only reached my 30th post in end June instead of April. 70 days to go… >_<

Blogging everyday for 100 days is one hell of a challenge. I could do much better with my ’10 Days Challenge’! But I am still holding on to it. :) After announcing to the world of my participation in this dare, there’s no way I am going to back off that easily. Instead of calling it quit, I provided myself alternatives- if it’s not possible to do it everyday, just do it till it the main objective is sated- having 100 posts.

I know by giving myself such option, this could stretch to even 5 years before it could finally be concluded.

But, naaah. Truth is, I just can’t wait to finally have the normal entry titles as opposed to having numbers.

Therefore, as an achievement to being able to make it to the 30th post (and with the motivation to get this done and over with), I would like to try  blogging on-the-go. Not only it increases the number of days faster than the current one, this also means freshly pressed entries.

Let’s see how this will lead to.

Also, have I told you about my anxiety come every Wednesdays and Fridays? :/

100 Days: Day 30

German and I

I am already halfway through my German Lesson for Beginners and boy, isn’t it quite a challenge! Not yet getting into the parts of constructing simple sentences but I can now introduce myself or asking some basic intro questions, provided that the other person does not continue with “How did you meet your husband?” or “How do you describe Malaysia in general?”.

Perhaps I should start to memorize “Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch.” (I speak very little German) before s/he begins to speak like a bullet train.

As one of the toughest languages in the world (and the fact that unlike English, it is still evolving or ‘mutilating’ as I like to put it’), I was told that in one has to study the language for 7 years before s/he could teach in school. That amount of years, my friend, is equivalent to a degree in Medicine or in my field, in-depth aromatherapy (that is if you really plan to delve into that specific area as it is a combo of herbology, anatomy & physiology and psychology altogether).

I received an email reply from my mother-in-law last night and it is funny to see her complaining about how tough German is despite living in Switzerland for 40 years, adding that Dutch is way easier (my in-laws are Dutch. RB is the only one in the family with a Swiss passport).

So far I am surviving good, though ‘anxiety’ comes every Tuesday and Thursday evenings. :P

My journey with German will not be as smooth sailing as it is with English but I’m already getting a hang of it. That is already a good start.

The final test is going to be in the middle of next month. With 300 words to memorize, I think I am able to pull this off, while trying to minimize getting the assistance from RB.

Gambateh and Drückt mir die Daumen! (Hope the context is correct)

100 Days: Day 29

Pinching Pennies

With the news delivered by RB last night, I initially had the idea to blog about it but on a second thought, it is too depressing to talk about. I prefer to switch towards something that could make me busy, in a good way. So here goes:

I received a forwarded email from T on 10 Days: No Spending. Another challenge, I thought. Sounds not bad and achievable as compared to another challenge I took (but yet to execute) on ’30 Days Without Sugar’. After all, I need to really save for ‘balik kampung’ trip end of next month (damn the exchange rate for CHF!).

After much deliberation (with contributed stress after completing my monthly budget spreadsheet) and looking at the balance that I get to spend, I’ve decided to start the challenge next week.

That means:

  1. No eating out (on my expenses but can if it’s paid by RB :P)

  1. No shopping:  God already gave me enough signs not to splurge, putting last night as a perfect example– I went to a few stores for a replacement for my ballerina but all of them left me with one disappointment after another. They didn’t have my size. And just now, I received a message from the online retailer telling me that the dress I want ‘is not available’. Ok God, I got ya now.

  1. No movies: Achievable.

  1. No filling up gas: Not applicable to those whose distance to the office requires a weekly top-up. But I’ll try to stretch it to 10 days given the fact that mine involves less than 25km per day.

  1. No going through paid highways: This is quite an impossible item to achieve. Looking at the traffic condition in KL and the fact that it may be inevitable (here toll, there toll, everywhere toll). This can be an exception.

  1. No parking fees: Another impossible thing. My gym is in a mall. A minuscule expenses on this has to occur to avoid me from paying a bigger sum of money- the parking tickets or chances of car being broken into (knock on wood). Another exception.

  1. No paying bills: Auto debit is an exception. I can’t wait till all is settled to start the challenge.

In order for me to complete this challenge in (almost) Perfect 10, I have to plan and sort my groceries list and fill up the tank by the end of the week and settle the classes fee by tomorrow.

I’ll set aside 10 bucks for parking. But that’s just it. No Sushi (since I am already broke), no karaoke (another cost incurred) and stocking up the fridge with food.

Oh, and sticking to what is stated in the groceries list.

Wish me luck!

100 Days: Day 28

Wie geht’s? (How are you?)

As I tried to pronounce a German word in great caution by making sure that RB didn’t pay any attention to it, I got caught.

“Say it again?”




“I know you are going to have fun correcting me once I start the class.”

“Yes. That is for being Ms. Teachy to my English.”

This is the payback he’s been waiting for.

I’m sure he is going to have great fun. :/