When You Wish Hard Enough

I’ve been complaining to T and once a while whining to RB on the fact that I wanted a cat very badly and not getting it. I guess God wants me to shut up when He gave me 3 3-weeks old kitties to foster. Don’t get me wrong. Not that I am being ungrateful but it was too sudden to register.

First of all, we had to find a new place right after our return from Switzerland and I had to immediately work on a spa setup, in which I have not the slightest idea about. For some reasons it took me quite a while to settle down. To make it worse, the ‘never gonna stop’ buzzing sound of the water heater almost make me go insane.

Not to mention the project I was thrown at. It was a bit of a challenge but to cut the story short, it went well despite having to drive 700km every week to the location.

So you can see how much of a transition I had to endure.

And then, on the day of my Grandpa’s funeral, God gave me 3 angels to foster. It has been almost a month since the day we got them. It is a bit of a challenge since I am now working, unlike the time when I was still studying and that my weeks were busy. For the first couple of weeks when I was around, I had to bring them to work as they were on 6-times per day feeding period and on days I had to be away, RB would take over.

Pretty much like a full time parents ey? :)

Along the period of taking care of them I realize that our place is definitely not a suitable place for them, therefore I am on a look out for adopters. God knows how I try my best not to get attached to them.

RB caught them on camera in the morning *yawn* (from bottom up: Maya/ Brownie, Tiger & Kittie)

Maya/ Brownie. The gentlest and biggest of all 3. :)

As of now, there are a couple of interested people who would like to adopt one of them. I’d rather wait till they are fit to be neutered.

Wouldn’t want unwanted pregnancies ;)

So, next up will be wishing for a real baby. :)

p/s: I’ve decided to call a halt to the ‘100 Days’ project for it belongs to those who blog frequent enough.


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